Friday, January 16, 2009


So I need to give credit where's due before I head off to a blazing start.
The design for this layout was very much inspired by:

Plaid Taffeta Bubble Dress

I can honestly say, usually this type of dress isn't my thing. However, something about the color combination really strikes my fancy. Thus, the background.
Thank you A'GACI for a pretty dress. Darn you for being out of it in my size.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


It seems you have stumbled onto my little secret plan, spawned in the volatile moment between panic and upset as I searched frantically for some decent panties online. My quest hadn't exactly been going successfully.

As I bumbled from one site to the next, I was aghast! Didn't more stores exist in the world other than the five or so that I knew already littered my mall? Didn't someone besides my usual haunts carry cute underwear for decent prices? For that matter, hadn't this had happened before when I was looking for some new shirts? Even when I tried to pull up new sites, my searches were fruitless; worn bare in the tangled web that is the internet.

There had to be some sort of way to solve my problem. It was then that I came to the decision that it was time to approach the inevitable:
I needed to make a blog.
A fashion blog.


One of the last things I'd ever imagine myself doing. Besides, who would ever seek fashion help from the less fashionable? Well, mind you, a geeky, artsy, critically eyed less fashionable person who hopes to create a comprehensive catalog of style and online stores, but no prima donna.
It's not like I'm the sort of person who even takes the time to put on make up each morning even (legasp).

But then I realized that none of that mattered. I wanted to do this! I wanted to be able to find sites by just clicking on an area of apparel and being taken away on a lightening speed internet connection to the items of my dreams. This was for me, this was because I wanted it, this was because I really really really got tired of trying to create inventive ways to search for stores similar to my favorites. This was because I was going to be a costumer at one point (but that's another story)!

So, if you choose to use my own evil plot against the fashion powers that be that try to keep us from finding the pretties our hearts desire for reasonable prices, so be it. And I do hope you won't mind keeping me company and adding suggestions where I might need them :)
This is my quest, this is: